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Help build a collective Fund for our beloved city

The Foundation’s 2030 strategy outlines a plan to build a $60 million Permanent Fund for our beloved city. This Fund will enable us to give in a sustained way, to tackle wicked problems, to respond when local need is urgent, and to be here for Sydney forever.

Our Community

For two decades, Sydney Community Foundation has guided philanthropic giving and advocated for change important to Sydneysiders.

We have raised and connected over $25 million for impactful community projects, big and small.

We work with grassroots charities, social innovators, philanthropists, donors, corporates, and governments to improve the lives of individuals and communities across Greater Sydney.

By 2030 we will

  1. Build a collective endowment of $60 million in the Foundation’s priority areas and donor-advised sub funds.


  2. Be the go-to place for donors seeking to give well in Sydney, connecting generous individuals and families with meaningful and impactful giving opportunities.


  3. Provide Sydney grassroots charities with the resources, guidance and funding they need to bring about positive change in the lives of those they serve.

Our priorities

Our priorities have emerged over our 20 years of grant making. These are the causes important to Sydney’s most vulnerable communities. It is important for us to give where the need is greatest, and where we can make the most significant difference. 

Sydney Women’s Fund. Our key impact Fund focuses on increasing opportunity and equity for women and families in the following ways: Safety and Crisis, Inclusion and Wellbeing, and Education and Employment. Our aim is for every woman to have access to education, work, independence and belonging, to be free from violence and discrimination.  

Belonging and wellbeing. We fund projects and organisations that promote inclusion and cohesion, programs that bring people from different backgrounds together, cultural events and festivals, and initiatives that build stronger connections between neighbours. 

Education and employment. We support programs and organisations that improve the lives of vulnerable people helping them gain education, skills and decent work. These include mentoring programs for young people, training and education opportunities for adults, and initiatives that help people with a disability access employment. 

Transforming communities and place. We fund initiatives that improve the physical and social environment of local communities. These include projects that beautify local parks and public spaces, create locations to connect and that help revitalise neighbourhoods and build stronger communities. 

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Join Us

Will you join us in co-investing in Sydney’s future, today and for generations to come?

Whether you’re an individual, a foundation, or an organisation, we offer opportunities for you to make a meaningful impact.
For more information please contact our team on (02) 8030 7050 or email enquiries@sydcf.org.au 


We’ve raised and connected over $25 million to benefit people in local neighbourhoods in Sydney

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