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Statement from Sydney Community Foundation 

Statement on the Voice to Parliament Referendum result

The outcome of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice Referendum is deeply disappointing and saddening for all of us who supported the Yes campaign.

We continue to stand in solidarity with our First Nations community, and to advocate, support and work collaboratively with them. We recognise that they are the oldest living culture in Australia and the Traditional Custodians of the lands across Australia.

Sydney is a wonderful city and has given many of us so much, however we have a long way to go before equity is reached and all communities can live well and safely.

It has always been our belief that those closest to issues are best placed to understand and solve them, and we must ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are respected and listened to.

We are more determined than ever to ensure First Nations Communities have a say in decisions that affect their lives, and to continue to work with them towards a brighter future for Greater Sydney, together.

In fact, the highest number of First Nations people live in Greater Sydney, and we seek to increase our support of the grassroots charities helping Indigenous communities in Sydney thrive.

To echo the words of Dean Parkin, Campaign Director for Yes23; “The Referendum represented a promise made to Indigenous Australians for a better future, and it’s a promise we must find a way to keep.”

Sophie McCarthy, Chair, and Loredana Fyffe, CEO of Sydney Community Foundation

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