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Why take the pulse of Sydney Women?

As champions of societal change, the Sydney Women’s Fund embarked on a dynamic research initiative in 2012: taking the pulse of women living in Sydney. Since 2018, we have utilised consistent methodology, providing a comprehensive view of the evolving landscape, tracking improvements and emerging challenges for women living in Sydney

The most recent report, The Sydney Women’s Fund Portrait V Research, commissioned by Sydney Women’s Fund and led by Australian social researchers, Dr. Rebecca Huntley and Kate Whelan paints a vivid and concerning picture of the financial vulnerability experienced by a significant number of Sydney women. These struggles are underpinned by an inequity that compels women into caregiving roles, often sacrificing work and financial stability, despite their education and career aspirations.

In alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a global framework striving to eradicate poverty, combat inequalities, and foster thriving and sustainable communities, Sydney Women’s Fund has adopted these goals as the foundation for its evidence based programs. This report sheds light on the challenges faced by women of all ages in Sydney, aiming to ignite collective community action. It serves as a rallying cry for increased investment, program development advocacy and policy reform, to address these disparities.

Sydney Women’s Fund responds through impactful programs and advocacy, extending opportunities to the most vulnerable women in Sydney, empowering them to forge secure, safe and fulfilling lives.

We’ve raised and connected over $25 million to benefit people in local neighbourhoods in Sydney

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