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A donor advised Sub Fund is the easiest and most accessible way to structure your giving. When you set up a Fund with us, we manage all administration and compliance, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: making a difference by supporting causes close to your heart.

A Sub Fund: the gift that keeps giving

Opening a donor advised Sub Fund with the Sydney Community Foundation provides a simple and affordable alternative to establishing a charitable foundation. 

Sydney Community Foundation manages all accounting, investment, and legal aspects of your Sub Fund, so you can focus on your giving. 

Your Sub Fund can be a way to involve family, friends, and colleagues in a meaningful and fulfilling giving experience. All gifts made to your Sub Fund over $2 are tax-deductible.  

When establishing your Sub Fund, you decide which causes are important to you and direct your giving accordingly, while enjoying immediate tax deductions which you can claim for up to five years.  

A Sub Fund can be established in memory of a loved one, acknowledging a life well lived; it can help your family learn and experience the joy of giving; be a no-fuss corporate foundation for your workplace; or serve as a structure for your giving circle.

Each year, you can advise Sydney Community Foundation of the grants you would like to distribute from your Sub Fund. You can request to support a particular organisation or cause area that is meaningful to you. 

Join a thriving community of givers

By opening a Sub Fund, you will join a thriving community of donors in Greater Sydney. You will receive all the support you need and have access to a variety of events and connections with like-minded philanthropists. 

For more information on establishing a Sub Fund with Sydney Community Foundation, email us at enquiries@sydcf.org.au or phone (02) 8030 7050. 

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