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Meet Amar Singh, Founder of Turbans 4 Australia

Sydney Community Foundation is proud to introduce a new sub-fund, Turbans 4 Australia, established by Founder and President Amar Singh, who recently received the 2023 Australian of the Year Local Hero and 2023 NSW Volunteer Leader of the Year.

Every week, Amar and his team of dedicated volunteers deliver up to 450 food and grocery hampers to vulnerable communities in Western Sydney. 

“The smiles you get from people when they see our trucks is really special,” Amar says. “When people are doing it tough they love to know that someone is thinking about them and that we’re here to help.” With food insecurity on the rise due to the cost of living crisis, local grassroots services are needed more than ever. 

Since 2015 Turbans 4 Australia has specialised in providing emergency goods to people in need regardless of their race, religion, or ethnicity. Amar and his amazing team of volunteers work tirelessly to help hundreds of thousands of Australians. They also run a food pantry in Western Sydney where people experiencing domestic violence or homelessness can choose items themselves from the shelves. Each hamper contains staple items such as tea, coffee, cereal, beans and muesli bars to help families get through challenging times.

Please give a gift today and provide food and essential items to families who desperately need support now.

All donations to Turbans 4 Australia $2 and over are tax-deductible.

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Watch Amar’s plans to meet the ever increasing demand in Western Sydney.

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