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Whenever I have a conversation about a ‘gift in Will’ with a donor, both of us invariably feel a bit awkward…

However, once the donor realises that a bequest managed by Sydney Community Foundation means their gift will live on forever, they feel moved and excited.

This week is ‘Include a Charity’ week, when Australians of all ages are encouraged to consider making a difference by leaving a gift in their Will.

Find Out How To Leave A Gift In Your Will

Allowing Sydney Community Foundation to manage your bequest means it will be invested to grow and give back to the causes and charities you care about, year after year.

For example, if you invest a bequest of $100,000 with Sydney Community Foundation, in just 10 years your gift will generate around $44,000* in ‘cumulative fund distributions’.

In other words, you will have granted almost half of the value of your original gift to the causes you care most about, and grown your total fund size to $125,000. See this interactive online calculator developed by Community Foundations Australia to explore the potential of your gift in Will donation.

In this way, your loved ones will enjoy the change your gift will make in their community with pride, without having the pressure of managing your charitable fund.

You can establish a bequest fund with us in your family name, or you might like to name it after the cause you wish to give to.

Unlike other charitable trusts and foundations, Sydney Community Foundation’s unique public not-for-profit structure allows for others to donate and bequest to your fund, helping it grow faster and achieve more.

Your legacy will live on. 

Right now, I’m in conversation with a donor who has spent her life working with remote Indigenous communities. She is creating a fund with us to give to Indigenous people in need. Her family and friends are so proud of her commitment, while myself and the Sydney Community Foundation board are honoured to be entrusted to help her create an incredible and enduring legacy.

You can establish a legacy fund by sharing this wording with your solicitor and having them include it in your Will.

Download Bequest Wording For Your Will

If you would like to create a bequest with us, please reach out to arrange a meeting. We would be delighted to help you plan your legacy.

To register your interest in attending our next Gift in Wills information session contact our team on 02 8030 7050 or email us here.

*Assumes 6.5% average returns in future years. 

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