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Do Some Good in Your ‘Hood

Be Kind Sydney’s mission is to relieve poverty, suffering and misfortune of people in need in New South Wales. Be Kind Sydney is a subsidiary of the Sydney Community Foundation and a Public Benevolent Institution (DGR1).


The Be Kind Sydney campaign gives foundations, businesses, staff and individuals the opportunity to support grassroots charities and community change makers that hold our neighbourhoods together. This is local giving at its most effective – definitely a great way to do good in your ’hood.

In November 2021, Be Kind Sydney launched its inaugural Day of Giving campaign to coincide with World Kindness Day on the 13th. The two-week campaign which followed involved 65 charities and thanks to our supporters and matched funding from major donors, we raised more than $352,000 for their vital, life-changing work.

In November 2022, we held our second Be Kind Sydney Campaign. The campaign involved 85 grassroots charities and raised a record-breaking $440,000. Our major donors The Peter Brennan & Michael Lynch Sub Fund and The Snow Foundation provided matched funding vital to the campaign’s success.

Blak Douglas at Be Kind Sydney Campaign Launch Nov 2022

We’ve raised and connected over $25 million to benefit people in local neighbourhoods in Sydney

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