A guide for professional advisors

The power of philanthropy

Professional advisers play a vital role in growing giving in Australia. Your trusted guidance offers a unique opportunity to inspire your clients to become involved in strategic giving, reaping profound benefits and rewards.

Introducing the topic of philanthropy into your client conversations not only deepens relationships, it also cultivates trust and rapport. As your clients become more effective in their philanthropy, they experience a profound sense of satisfaction from the joy of giving. Together we can work all towards creating a more equitable, sustainable society.

Reasons for giving

Personal connection: Many donors are driven by their personal connection to causes they identify with or are personally engaged in.

Leaving a legacy: Some donors may seek to leave a lasting legacy, for themselves and their families.

Estate planning: Philanthropy is also used as a tool for managing intergenerational wealth transfer.

Sense of duty: Many donors feel an obligation to give back to their community.

Religious beliefs: Regular financial support often accompanies religious beliefs.

Strengthening communities: A desire to strengthen the community and improve the world we live in also drives philanthropic actions.

Factors which influence giving

Reducing tax payable: Donating to charity is an effective tax strategy for high-income clients. All donations made to a DGR1 registered charity can be claimed against the donor’s personal taxable income. This deduction can be spread over five years, offering significant tax benefits.

Liquidity events: Donations are typically cash gifts, so donors wanting to make a significant contribution to a non-profit require access to liquid funds. This could be due to financial windfalls such as the sale of a business, a significant inheritance or a lottery win.

A change in circumstances: Life-altering personal events such as marriage, divorce, serious illness or loss can often prompt structured giving considerations.

Partner with Sydney Community Foundation: Simplify conversations about philanthropy with your clients by leveraging our structured giving options. Retain control of your client relationships while benefiting from our expertise as a dedicated philanthropic resource. We can help you support your clients to fulfill their giving goals with confidence.

How your clients can give with Sydney Community Foundation


Bequest to: 

  • Sydney Community Foundation 
  • Sydney Women’s Fund  
  • An existing SCF Key Impact Fund 
  • Establish a new Sub Fund 


  • Family/individuals 
  • Corporate organisations 
  • Non-profit 
  • Giving circles/collectives 


  • Donate to an existing SCF Key Impact Fund
    (Visit our website to read about our active cause-related Sub Funds, such as Sydney Women’s Fund and IMPACT100 Sydney.) 


  • Establish a corporate Sub Fund 
  • Turn your annual community budget into an appreciating asset 
  • Engage staff through workplace giving 
  • Incentivise staff through donation matching 


  • Sub Funds (min. $20,000 establishment donation) 
  • Seed Funds (min. $2000 establishment donation to grow to $20,000 within 10 years) 
  • Fundraising/Giving Circle Funds 

To learn more about advising your clients on structured giving call
+61 2 8030 7050 or email enquiries@sydcf.org.au or download our Financial Advisor brochure.

To learn more about advising your clients on structured giving call
+61 2 8030 7050 or email enquiries@sydcf.org.au

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